Spanish Wakeboard & Wakeskate Nationals

Spanish Wakeboard & Wakeskate Nationals

Great time here at Xtreme for the Spanish Wakeboard & Wakeskate Nationals, was a fun weekend with some great riding and again our boys did good with our riders on the podium throughout and amazing to see Jordan retaining his title as Spain´s best rider !

Thanks to all our volunteers you know who you are and to Redbull, Nautique Spain and Ayuntamiento Almodovar Del Rio for their support.

The results are as follows :

Open Mens

1) Jordan Elizondo Darwin
2) Andres Araya
3) Jamie Martinez
4) Ion
5) Ashley Murray


1) Andres Alijo
2) Jamie Torres
3) Abel Bigarin


1) Adrian Esteban
2) Marcus Elizondo Darwin
3) Pablo Smith


1) Senen
2) Mariano Marranx
3) Carlos Casau


1) Gonso
2) Guti
3) Dugo