Danish Nationals

Danish Nationals

Last week the danish nationals was held spread over 4 days. First with the over/under age groups and then in the weekend with the open competitions.

In this competition we’ve had multiple people from xtreme-gene competing. Both former and current skiing coaches Thomas Jensen & Martin Arp-Hansen was going hard at it against each other in slalom with thomas taking 3rd and Martin also making it to the finals in trick and jump, and ending up 2nd in the overall.

Sophie and Amanda who had been down at XG training hard also ended up with great results, and they are getting very close to beating the u17 slalom record. The girls ended up with countless medals, and are definitely ready for the u17 europeans later this year.

We are looking forward to reporting even better results, from what looks like a new Denmark Xtreme Gene dynasty!

by:Thomas Jensen