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Cancelation Policy

A 40% deposit is requested upon booking to secure your reservation.

In the event of a change or cancelation:

Any change or cancelation will incur a 50 € administration charge per booking which will be deducted from the deposit paid.

Additional charges are:

Time we receive your notice to cancel or change before arrival date Cancellation or change charge

 (* less the 50 € admin fee)

Up to 60 days Refund or money paid moved to another date *
60-15 days


Money paid moved to another date *
14 days or fewer


100% of deposit paid *

Xtreme Gene Watersports Spain S.L

Club Equality Policy Statement


Xtreme Gene respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person and will treat everyone equally within the context of their sport, regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status.

Xtreme Gene is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of its development. In doing so it acknowledges and adopts the following Sport England definition of sports equity:

Sports equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities

and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of

sport to ensure that it becomes equally accessible to all members of society,

whatever their age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or socio-economic status.

Xtreme Gene is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat of discrimination, intimidation, harassment and abuse.

All Club members have a responsibility to challenge discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.

Xtreme Gene will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously, according to our disciplinary procedures.


Child & Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy


The policy of Xtreme Gene is to: 

  • Accept the moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care for young people/vulnerable adults, safeguard their wellbeing and protect them from abuse
  • Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of young people/vulnerable adults
  • Recruit, train and supervise their employees and volunteers so as to adopt best practice to safeguard and protect young people/vulnerable adults from abuse, and themselves against allegations
  • Require staff and volunteers to adopt and abide by the BWSW ‘Ski Safe’ Safeguarding Policy which incorporate the British Water Ski & Wakeboard Code of Ethics and Behavior
  • Respond to any complaints about poor practice or allegations of abuse
  • For the purpose of this policy anyone under the age of 18 should be considered as a child, and any adult in a vulnerable position.


Staff, Contractors & Volunteers

All those with significant access to or responsibility for under 18’s & Vulnerable Adults will be required to complete an enhanced level DBS. All DBS checks must be applied for through BWSW unless the individual has signed up to the Updating Service.


Good Practice 

All members of Xtreme Gene should follow the good practice guidelines attached to this policy. Those working with young people & vulnerable adults need to be aware of the guidance on recognizing abuse.

Xtreme Gene will seek written consent (using the BWSW ‘Use of Photographs and Recorded Images’ template) from the young person/vulnerable adults along with their parents/carers before taking photographs or video at an event or training session or publishing such images.


Parents and spectators should be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state their purpose for photography/filming. If Xtreme Gene publishes images of young people, no identifying information will be included. Any concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography or the inappropriate use of images should be reported to Deborah Kelly, Club Welfare Officer immediately.



Anyone who is concerned about a young member’s welfare, either outside the sport or within the Club, should inform Deborah Kelly, Welfare Officer immediately in strict confidence. Elle FitzGerald, Welfare Officer will follow the BWSW ‘Ski Safe’ Safeguarding Policy reporting procedures.


Any person representing Xtreme Gene failing to comply with the Safeguarding Policy may be subjected to disciplinary action under Company  Regulations. 


Dealing with a Safeguarding Incident or Concern

If there is any issue/concern while dealing with a person under 18, or vulnerable person, you should;

  • Report any concerns to Deborah Kelly, Welfare Officer.
  • If medical attention is required immediately call an ambulance and inform them there is a child protection concern.
  • Fill out BWSW Safe Guard Report form located in Accident & Incident Folder, you may be asked to seek advice from BWSW Lead Safeguarding Officer