Xtreme Gene is very happy to now offer a 2 Way cable, we chose the UBACK cable as this is built by riders for riders and a great system.

The cable is perfect for all riders:

Beginners: it is the easiest way to learn to wakeboard without a doubt. The 2 way cable can get any beginner up and riding really quickly. It is also the safest way to learn to wakeboard with accurate speed control and constant supervision. With the high pull, on-on-one instruction and perfect speed control by the operator, you cannot fail to get up!

All: It is a great way to learn and practice air tricks! The system is supported by two vertically parallel cables, allowing for greater tension and a smooth pull. The riders rope length can be changed quickly meaning you can use a short line to learn new air tricks. Unlike full size cables you can take advantage of the 180 degree turns and learn new tricks on the corner. There is almost an infinite amount of tricks to learn on this type of cable. The best thing is that when you crash it picks you straight back up and within a few seconds you can try the trick again. Prices include jackets and helmets.